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Welcome to Physics 2D, Relativity and Quantum Physics, Winter 2017

You will learn many new physical concepts in this course that will challenge your intuition and spark your imagination. How can identical twins age at vastly different rates? How does mass get converted into energy, and energy into mass? How can particles behave as waves, and waves behave as particles? These strange things happen when speeds become much faster than and/or distances much smaller than the speeds and distances we encounter in our everyday experience. As you become familiar with these new concepts they will become progressively less strange and more fascinating.

To do well in this course it is important to attend all lectures, discussion and problem sessions, pay attention during them, ask questions when you don't understand, and take notes. Also, to work on the problem assignments every week, to come to office hours especially if you are falling behind, and to read the textbook as well as other books on reserve.


Course Materials:

Course Information:

Lectures: MWF 10-10:50a, YORK 2622, T 7-7:50p, YORK 2622
Quizzes: some Tuesdays, 7-7:50p, YORK 2622 (see Course and Quiz Schedule above)
Discussion: Wed 12-12:50p, YORK 2622
Problems: Th 6:30pm-8:20pm, CSB 002

Course Text: Serway, Moses, Moyer, Modern Physics, Third Edition (2005).
Serway book website

Course Description: See General Catalog
Final exam: Friday March 24, 8:00-10:59am, YORK 2622

Instructor and TA Information -

Instructor: Jorge E. Hirsch, 5310 Mayer Hall, Ext. 4-3931, e-mail: jhirsch@ucsd.edu
                     Office Hours: Monday 1:30 - 2:30 pm, or Friday 1:30 - 2:30 pm by appt.
                     5310 Mayer Hall is near southwest corner of building, outside balcony
Teaching Assistant: Saurabh Mogre, e-mail: smogre@ucsd.edu
             Office Hours: Monday 11am-12 noon, Friday 5-6pm, MHA 2702 (Physics Tutorial Center)

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