Physics 2D, Winter quarter 2017
Lecture topics
Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Jan. 9 Introduction, overview, light as an em wave, Newtonian relativity Special relativity postulates,
time dilation, length contraction
Michelson-Morley experiment; twin paradox Simultaneity, Lorentz
transformation, examples
Jan. 16 Holiday More examples; spacetime and causality Quiz 1 Relativistic momentum, acceleration, kinetic
energy, total and rest energy
Jan. 23 Momentum and energy conservation;
review of relativity
Fission, fusion Blackbody radiation, Stefan law,
Wien displacement law
Derivation of Planck's law
Jan. 30 Derivation of Wien and Stefan laws
from Planck's law ; Photoelectric effect
Quiz 2 X-rays and Compton effect Compton effect, Bragg scattering,
Faraday electrolysis
Feb. 6 Thomson experiment; Rutherford atom Spectroscopy; Bohr atom Bohr atom Franck-Hertz experiment;
de Broglie relations
Feb. 13 Davisson-Germer experiment;
wave packets
Quiz 3 Phase and group velocity
Heisenberg uncertainty relations
Gaussian wave packet;
zero point motion: hydrogen
atom, harmonic oscillator
Feb. 20 Holiday Probabilistic interpretation of the
wave function; double slit experiment
Schrodinger equation in 1 dimension Particle in a box
Feb. 27 Finite square well; harmonic oscillator Quiz 4 Operators, expectation values,
eigenfunctions and eigenvalues
Barriers, tunneling
phenomena; &alpha decay
March 6 Field emission. Quantum mechanics
in 3 dimensions, particle in 3D box
Hydrogen atom Hydrogen atom Electron spin
March 13 Atomic structure Quiz 5 Periodic table Review