Nov 29 : Final exam, Monday Dec. 7, Peterson Hall, Room 110

Nov 29 : Homework 9 posted, due Friday Dec. 4.

Nov 23 : Homework 8 posted, due Monday Nov. 30.

Nov 18 : Homework 7 posted, due Monday Nov. 23.

Nov 16 : Midterm today! Best wishes!

Nov 8 : Homework 6 posted, due Friday Nov. 13.

Nov 2 : Homework 5 posted, due Friday Nov. 6.

Oct 23: Today's Julio's office hour moved to Monday Oct. 26, 9-10 am

Oct 22: Homework 4 posted, due Friday Oct. 30.

Oct 12: Discussion session postponed.

Oct 12: Homework 3 posted, due Oct. 12.

Oct 5: Homework 2 posted, due Oct 5.

Oct 2: Julio's office hour set to F 9-10 am @ MHA 4531.

Sep 28: Homework 1 posted, due Oct 2.

Sep 25, 2015: Welcome to 100A, Electromagnetism!

Physics 100A Electromagnetism

INSTRUCTOR:    Julio Barreiro
Office: 4531 Mayer Hall Addition
Office Hour: F 9-10, or by appointment. 4531 Mayer Hall Addition.

TA (discussion): Paul Lauria,
Office: 4214 Mayer Hall
Office hour: Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:00 pm, Mayer Hall 4214
GRADERS: Jason Leonard,
Ethan Cho,
Questions on hw grades: up to one week after returning graded homework. If requesting a regrade, first make sure your homework looks very different from the solutions manual
Lecture: MWF    8:00 -- 8:50 am   SOLIS 104
Discussion: M   2:00 -- 2:50 pm   CSB 002
Midterms: Wed. Oct. 21 & Monday Nov. 16    8:00 -- 8:50 am   SOLIS 104
Final exam: Dec. 7, 2015    8:00 -- 10:59 am    Peterson Hall, room 110
GRADING: Two midterms, 23% each; final 44%. The homework will be graded and count a maximum of 10%, with the maximum calculated as 0.1 x (your total weighted exam score in percent).
COURSE TEXT: Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4th (U.S.) edition, by David J. Griffiths. Other treatments:
Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory, Reitz, Milford and Christy
Electromagnetism, Pollack and Stump
Classical Electrodynamics, Jackson
HOMEWORK: Homework will be assigned weekly and graded. It is due at the START of the lecture on the dates indicated. You can turn it in at the start of the next lecture, but with 50% credit only. Problems marked with a * are recommended by need not be turned in. You may discuss problems with your peers but the solutions you turn in must be your own work and written up separately. Cheating on homework will be prosecuted without exception, vigorously, and to the utmost extent possible, so make sure it is only your work and understanding what you put on paper to turn in. Homework grading scheme is designed specifically to make cheating "unprofitable".
  • Exams are closed book. Bring a blue book. Formulae will be provided as necessary.
  • Only in very exceptional cases will there be accommodation for a missed midterm. In such cases, arrangements must be made in advance.
  • The solutions to the exams and recorded grades will be posted on TED.
  • ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Please read the section entitled "UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship" located in the General Catalog 2015-2016, The rules on academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced.