Physics 211B : Corrections and Additions

January 7
Starting on January 14, we will meet Thursday evenings in Mayer Hall 5623 for a two hour problem session. One format I've found works well is for students to work together in small groups of four or five to solve homework problems. Let's start with selections from the first 9 problems on homework #0, plus some problems on Boltzmann transport yet to be assigned.

I corrected a few more typos in chapter 1 of the notes.

January 7
Homework assignment #0 is posted: click here. The problems are drawn from 211A material (bonding, crystal structures, phonons, electronic structure, Fermi surfaces). Note that the due date is the last day of class, so you can work on this assignment throughout the quarter. I will post an assignment on Boltzmann transport sometime next week, after we've covered a bit more material in class.

January 5
It turns out that there was no error in the volume factors in equations (1.11) and (1.12) after all. I've expanded the discussion of the volume factors following (1.13). Please look this over. In addition, there has been a small correction to (1.19) and some explanatory text following.

I've just now (8 pm) uploaded a new set of notes after tracking down some typesetting errors. Turns out that expressions like {\bf 1} make certain fonts go all screwy in LaTeX, which had some bizarre and inscrutable consequences. Everything should be fixed now but please email me if you notice any problems (typos or errors).