Physics 152B, Spring 2022

Other books (green ones should be available from a UCSD web address)

Somewhat more advanced:
  • Patterson and Bailey, Solid State Physics.
  • Quinn and Yi, Solid State Physics.
  • Economou, The Physics of Solids.
  • Rossler, Solid State Theory.
  • Dresselhaus et al, Solid State Properties.
  • Grosso and Parravicini, Solid State Physics.
  • Ziman: Principles of the Theory of Solids,
  • Mahan, Condensed Matter in a Nutshell
  • Madelung: Introduction to solid-state theory
  • Kaxiras, Atomic and Electronic Structure of Solids
  • Cohen and Louie, Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics
  • Marder, Condensed Matter Physics
  • Weinreich, Solids: elementary theory for advanced students