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Welcome to Physics 151B/232, Electronic Materials, Spring 2022

Physics of electronic materials: superconductors, magnets, metals, semiconductors, insulators. Prerequisites: PHYS 152A.


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Course Information:

Lectures: Tu Th 12:30p - 1:50p, MYR-A 2623
Discussion: Tu 5:00 - 5:50p, MYR-A 2702

Course Text #1: Henri Alloul, Introduction to the Physics of Electrons in Solids
Course Text #2: Ibach and Luth, Solid State Physics
You should have free access to the texts from a UCSD web address.
Other books: See list here

Final: Monday June 6, 11:30am-2:30pm, MYR-A 2623

Instructor Information -

Instructor: Jorge E. Hirsch, 5310 Mayer Hall, Ext. 4-3931, e-mail: (include 152 in subject line)
                     Office Hours: Mon 2-3 or by appointment

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