The Frozen North


Course information


How to find your student account:


The ACS home page provides all the necessary information how to log in with your AD username and password.

Course specific Unix account issues will be discussed in the lab.



Homework assignments and Midterm/Final projects

Three HW assignments are scheduled approximately every two weeks; these will be a mix of written exercises and programming. Some PHYS 241 Graduate problems will be more complex and difficult. Homeworks count for 55% of your grade. There will be a Midterm project with 20% and a Final project with 25%.

C/C++ coding will be expected for HW assignments and Midterm/Final projects

 Students without prior experience with C/C++ should consult Professor Kuti for advice

Late days

All assignments are due at Midnight on the due date. Each student will be allotted seven free days which can be used to turn in homework assignments late without penalty. When free days are used up, late homeworks will be penalized 8% per day. Homeworks will not be accepted more than seven days past the deadline. Exceptions might be made for serious illness or other emergency.

The course is custom built with material of the posted lectures. Attendance is expected (random checks of attendance with risk of losing 10% of the grade)

Grade policy:

3 Assignments (55%), Midterm (20%), Final Project (25%).