PHYSICS 141/241

Winter 2020

Laboratory Session III.

Discussion of Assignment II

  • Assignment 2

  • Added tutorial on CBE

    helpful but somewhat oversimplified youtube tutorial

    Aarseth C Code discussed in lab 4

  • the gcc compiler is installed locally on each iMac workstation

  • nbody0-lab.c  C code 


    Running the C code:
  • Compilation of C code: gcc -o xnbody nbody0-lab.c -lm
  • To run: xnbody reads in file and ouputs 
  •  has 1 header line plus one line for each particle in 7 columns: mass, x, y, z, vx, vy, vz
  • header line of has 5 data: # of particles, eta=0.02, dt, tmax, epsilon**2=0.25
  • has 4 columns: mass, x, y, z
  • Link to the fortran version  of the Aarseth Code:

    Aarseth web site