PHYSICS 141/241


Laboratory Session I: Programming toolkit for HW assignments and Midterm/Final projects

1. The Computational Physics Laboratory

As an important part of the Computational Physics Program, in a collaborative effort with UCSD Academic Computing Services, we built a computational physics laboratory which is located at 4623 Mayer Hall Extension. The laboratory has a farm of workstations with scientific visualization and multimedia capabilities, access to a server of sufficient computational power and disk storage to implement the software, and auxillary equipment. The configuration of the workstation platform was designed to be flexible with fast ethernet connection providing access to the campus and the Internet.

Laboratory Setup:

  • Accounts
  • Network
  • File System
  • Printing
  • Operating System
  • Assignment: Familiarize yourself with the Computer Lab setup as much as possible. Get your account working, check out your file system, check out the printer environment.

    2. Unix Tutorials 

    Basic Unix Tutorial

    Unix Tutorial

    We will practice the following selected topics:

  • Work With Your Users Account (Intro)
  • Getting Started
  • OS X Desktop
  • The Shell
  • Assignment: Work through the selected topics as listed above.

    3. C tutorial and Gnu web site. Why we expect practicum in C/C++ (further comments from David)

    C programming course

    C Programming tutorial

    GNU Software

    4. Python and Matlab for visualization of the assignments (workflow orientation from David)

    5. Alternate Data Visualization: GNUPLOT


  • command: