The final exam will cover the entire course material, Chpts. 3-10 in textbook, readingmaterial on canvas page, and any topics covered in lectures, discussion sections and problem sessions.

One quiz score will be dropped and the final will count 10% more if this gives a higher grade.

Formulas and constants that will be given with the exam are the same as were given for quiz 5. Please make up your own list of important formulas and constants as you prepare for the exam to have them handy during the exam.

During the final exam use only material from the web that is on the course's Canvas page and on this year's Course Webpage . Doing otherwise is 1) not allowed and 2) would be counterproductive since you would use up valuable time searching rather than working out the problems on your own.

To prepare for the exam I suggest you review all the quizzes done this year and the final exam of this course of 2017 (both are posted on this year's Course Webpage) in addition to other material such as homework problems, textbook, lecture notes, readingmaterial and discussion section notes in the canvas and course webpages.

Please include any calculations that you do in the exam that you submit, justify all your answers, and write clearly. Please bring a calculator to the exam.

Happy learning and good luck.