UCSD Physics 261 : Graduate Seminar


W : 10:00 am - 10:50 am Mayer Hall 5623
INSTRUCTOR Daniel Arovas (email) Mayer Hall 5438
(858) 534-6323
Staff assistant Susan Marshall (email) Mayer Hall 4410
(858) 534-1082



Jan. 10 Oleg Shpyrko X-ray Science at the Limits of Ultrasmall and Ultrafast
Jan. 17 Ivan Schuller Neuromorphic Computing
Jan. 24 Olga Dudko The Physics of the Genome
Jan. 31 Tongyan Lin Searching for Particle Dark Matter in the Milky Way (and Beyond)
Feb. 7 Leonid Butov Indirect Excitons
Feb. 14 Congjun Wu Condensed Matter Physics: Electron Sociology -- The Organizing Principles of Matter
Feb. 21 Alex Frano Fermi's Golden Rule + X-ray Diffraction: Surfing Nanoscale Quantum Waves
Feb. 28 Max Di Ventra MemComputing: Leveraging Physics to Compute Efficiently
Mar. 7 Kaixuan Ni The XENON1T Dark Matter Search Experiment
Mar. 14 Jeremie Palacci Soft Matters


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