Physics 152B/232 : Final Project Topics

Key Theory Concepts
Quantum Hall Effect
Landau levels, integer and fractional effects, quantum percolation, fractional charge and statistics, effects of disorder, metrology
Topological Insulators
Topological band structures, geometric phases, Chern numbers, surface states, time reversal invariance, quantum spin Hall effect, Kane-Mele model
Tight binding model, Dirac points, transport, multilayers, quantum Hall effect, effects of disorder, interactions
Mesoscopic Transport
Landauer formula, multichannel Landauer-Buttiker formula, universal conductance fluctuations, weak localization, quantum dots, Coulomb blockade
Fermi Liquid Theory
Free energy functional, Landau parameters, thermodynamic stability, Landau-Boltzmann equation, zero and first sound
Density Functional Theory
The density functional, Hohenberg-Kohn theorem, local density approximation, exchange-correlation energy, applications to chemistry and physics
Physics of Glasses
Structural glasses, low temperature properties, glass transition, two level systems, spin glasses, replica symmetry breaking
Magnetic Impurities in Metals
Localized magnetic moments, Kondo effect, heavy fermions, mixed valency, Kondo insulators
Magnetic Textures
Magnetic energy: exchange, anisotropy, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya, Zeeman; domains and domain walls, Skyrmions, magnetization dynamics, magnetic storage
Magnetic Resonance
Bloch equations, spin echo, spin-lattice relaxation, T1 vs. T2, motional narrowing, density matrices