UCSD Physics 191 : Undergraduate Seminar


W : 11:00 am - 11:50 am Mayer Hall 5623
INSTRUCTOR Daniel Arovas (email) Mayer Hall 5438
(858) 534-6323
Staff assistant Susan Marshall (email) Mayer Hall 4410
(858) 534-1082



Oct. 4 Leonid Butov Indirect excitons: the physics of cold
exciton gases and excitonic circuits
Oct. 11 Alex Frano Living in Fourier Space: how to use the
interaction between x-rays and matter
to surf waves at the nanoscale
Oct. 18 Jorge Hirsch How a battery and two wires explain
the essence of superconductivity
Oct. 25 David Kleinfeld An experimentalist's playground: combining tools from optics, genetics, chemistry, physiology, and machine learning to connect neuronal circuits to behavior
Nov. 1 Kam Arnold The cosmic microwave background
and how we measure it
Nov. 8 Ivan Schuller Neuromorphic computing
Nov. 15 Brian Maple High temperature superconductivity
Nov. 22 Ken Intriligator Quantum fields, particle fever, and more
Nov. 29 Tarun Grover Chaos and thermalization in quantum systems
Dec. 6 Kaixuan Ni Hunting for WIMPs in the
deep underground


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