Ambitious Plan for Physics 200B
Hamiltonian Mechanics
Hamilton’s equations (review), canonical transformations, symplectic structure, generating functions, Hamilton-Jacobi theory in several variables, separation of variables, integrability, action-angle variables, librations and rotations, invariant tori, canonical perturbation theory, resonances and their removal, KAM theorem
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
Nonlinear oscillators, Poincare-Lindstedt method, multiple time scale method, relaxation oscillations, maps, Lyapunov exponents, chaos and KAM tori, strongly chaotic systems, period doubling cascade, intermittency
Ergodicity and the Approach to Equilibrium
Master equation, equilibrium, detailed balance, H-theorem, recurrence, ergodicity, mixing, Boltzmann equation, transport phenomena, Onsager reciprocity

There will be seven problem sets, one midterm, and a comprehensive final. Roughly, I will use the following formula to determine grades: 40% HW, 50% final, 10% intangibles. I expect your homework to be neat, legible, with multiple pages stapled. Failure to meet these expectations could result in tragic consequences.