The Frozen North


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How to find your student account:


The ACS home page provides all the necessary information how to log in with your AD username and password.

Course specific Unix account issues will be discussed in the lab.


How to run prep ph141w:

The script that they can run prior to running prep already resides on each lab machine. From the once logged in, the student can run the command:


That script will copy the missing .class_resources.txt file from their server space on acsnfs4 down to the local machine to make it available for the prep command to process. Normally, the above script copies the file down automatically with no user intervention required but that seems to not be working reliably in the MAYER-4623 lab for some reason.

So the proper series of steps would be:

Enter the command: /Sys/scripts/etc/ (NOTE: using tab command completion here may help)
Enter the command: prep ph141w



Grade policy for 100% performance:

2 Assignments (20%+15%), Midterm (25%), Final Project (40%).


Penalty for late submissions: 5 percent per day for each of the first three days and 10 percent per day for each following day (out of the 100% value of the assignment)