Latest Information for Students

[12] 8 Dec [23:00 hrs] Final exam will be like a big Quiz. Bring every thing that you are required to at the Quiz including the scantron. The cheat sheet could be 1 full page, both sides.

[11] 1 Dec [21:00 hrs] TAs will hold a review session for 2A in YORK 2722 on Saturday 5th Dec at 10:00 hrs.

The final exam will have several problems from Ch.12 & 13. See table below and read thse sections!

10] 23 Nov [23:00 hrs] Here is the revised reading and lecture plan for the next two weeks. What is not covered will not be in the quiz or final exam.

Nov 24: Ch 10.4-10.6; Ch 11.1-11.3
Dec 1 : Ch 12.1-12.4, 12.7 Dec 3: Ch 13.1-13.6

[9] 20 Nov '09 [14:40 hrs] Quiz 7 will include all of chapter 9 and Sections 10.1-10.3. Home work set 9 has been revised. Newly added problems are in red.

[8] 8 Nov '09 [17:40 hrs] No quiz this week. Next quiz (Nov 18th ) will cover material from Chapters 7 & 8.

[7] 27 Oct'09 [17:40 hrs] Quiz 4 will be based on material covered in Week 5 HW.

[6] 22 Oct'09 [20:00 hrs] Prof. Sharma did not do circular motion (section 5.4) this week. This is carried over to next week. So you need not  read that section nor attempt problems 96, 109 & 112 from this week's HW. Instead add problems 86, 88, 90, 91 & 106 to the HW for this week. (see the full revised list in the Homework page). Yes, there will be quiz on wednesday Nov 25th, the day before Thanksgiving. Pl. plan travel accordingly.

[5] 22 Oct'09 [09:30 hrs] A reminder that your friendly TAs will be manning the Tutorial center on Sundays between 15:00 -19:00 hrs. Pl. go there if you need help with the class material. You will get personal attention.

[5] 22 Oct'09 [09:30 hrs] Follow the class tweets at . Miss nothing, set it up to have the tweets delivered as SMS on your mobile phone !

[4] 9 Oct'09 [11:30 hrs] Quiz 2 will be on chapter 3.

[3] 23 Sept '09 [16:30 hrs]  There will be a lecture next wednesday. Weekly quizzes will start on Wednesday Oct 7th.

[2] 21 Sept '09 [20:30 hrs] Follow important announcements on twitter: . Set it up to have SMS delivered to your mobile.

[1] 2o Aug '09 [14:00 hrs] The textbook for this course is a customized version of University Physics by Young & Freedman (12th edition). The ISBN number for this book is 0-536-50804-6. This book is published by Pearson and will be sold only through the UCSD bookstore. All thirteen chapters of this book will be covered during the course.Professor Sharma is teaching both sections of the fall 2A course. This allows some flexibility. If you have a time conflict with a discussion or problems solving session of your section, you can attend the session meant for the other section as long as there is enough space. But to switch your quiz session you will need to email the instructor and obtain prior permission.

If you have questions related to the course, pl. check the information posted on this website before emailing the Physics 2A team.

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