University of California San Diego, Department of Physics
Winter 2012 Physics 1B

PHYS 1B(a) - Electricity & Magnetism

Instructor: Dr. Herbert Levine

   Office: 7230 Urey Hall

   Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11 a.m., Friday 2-3 p.m.

TA: Daniel Klein

   Office: 2702 Mayer Hall (Physics Tutorial Center)

   Office hours: Tue. & Wed. 2-3 PM, and by appointment.

Lectures: MWF 8:00-8:50 AM, York Hall 2722

Labs: Consult your 1BL website

01/09/12 -- This website was created.

01/13/12 -- TA Dan's office hours will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2-3 PM in Mayer 2702. If you are unable to attend either time, please email Dan to make alternate arrangements.

01/21/12 -- Homework solutions are posted on the solutions page.

01/25/12 -- Tonight's problem-solving session will take place at 7PM in Peterson 102.

01/25/12 -- Because Prof. Levine is out of town, and because the first problem session had a few bumps to iron out, Dan will be holding an extra office hour on Thursday from 2:30-3:30 in Mayer 2702.

01/31/12 -- Grades and solutions for quiz 1 are posted under 'Handouts'. If you have any questions, feel free to talk it over with Dan at his office hours.

02/07/12 -- Wednesday's problem session will be just like last time - 7PM Wednesday in Peterson 102.

02/12/12 -- Grades and solutions for quiz 2 are now posted in 'Handouts'.

02/27/12 -- This week's problem session will be 7PM Wednesday in Peterson 102 (sense a trend?)

03/05/12 -- Grades and solutions for quiz 3 are now posted in 'Handouts'.

03/14/12 -- The problem session for quiz #4 will be held at 7PM on Wednesday in Peterson 102, same as always.

03/14/12 -- A few more practice problems for the final are now posted in 'Handouts'.

03/17/12 -- Grades and solutions for quiz 4 are now up. Make sure to check everything out before the final!

03/18/12 -- Prof. Levine will be leading a review session tonight at 5PM in Peterson 102.

03/20/12 -- Grades from the Final Exam are now posted. I won't be posting a formal solution set, but I have included the correct answers on the scoresheet. Final grades for the course are coming soon!

03/22/12 -- Final grades for the quarter are posted. Have a good spring break!