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Physics 1C section a
Instructor: Melvin Okamura
Time:Tu, Thu 11:00 am-12:20 pm
Location:2722 York Hall


INSTRUCTOR:                           Melvin Okamura

                                                      Office:  4517 Mayer Hall Extension

                                                      Office Hours:  Wed. 2-3 pm

                                                      Phone:  534-2506 


TEACHING ASSISTANT:           Prarit Agarwal

                                                      Office: 4238 Mayer Hall

                                                      Office Hours: Tue. 2-3 pm


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Final exam

  Tue June 8  from 11:30am-2:29pm York 2722

  Will cover all the course material including the last week, 25 questions           multiple choice.

  You are allowed to bring 3 sheets of paper with equations on both sides    

  scratch paper for calculation, calculator.

   You must bring a scantron form and a picture id.


Quiz 3 on Thu  5/27 will cover material in Ch. 27 and 28.  It will not have questions on Nuclear Physics.


Code No. Problems from Quiz 2 from Prarit Agarwal.

I have no record of Judy Chiang's exam code. She need to get in touch with me ASAP.

Students with code no 152 and 208 entered incorrect numbers 452 and 108 respectively.  Please enter the correct numbers next time.


Quiz 2 will be on Thu 5/6/10.  It will cover material in Ch. 23, 24 and 25.

Bring a scantron and make sure you know your Code number.


Quiz 1 Code No. Problems.  from Parit Agarwal.

1) The person with exam code 269 .... it IS 264 and NOT 269.

2) The person with exam code 629 .... it IS 624 and NOT 629.

3) The students with following exam codes did not give me the bottom part of their first page of exam and therefore I don't have their names in my list. They need to come to my office (with the bottom half of the first page of their quiz 1). The exam codes are 268, 400, 454, 458, 604

Some students do not have Ch.  21 in their version of the text.  You can find Ch. 21 here.  The quiz will cover only the part of Ch. 21 that was discussed in class.

The first Quiz will be given Thu 4/15/10.  This will cover the material that was discussed in lecture from Ch. 13,14, 21 and 22. You can bring a sheet of equations (one side of a standard sheet of paper), scratch paper for calculations and a calculator. You will need to bring a scantron form (no. X-101864-PAR).


The problem sessions will start in the second week.