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Spring 2009 Physics 2C Webpage
Physics 2C
Instructor: Melvin Okamura
Time:MWF 3:00-3:50 pm WLH 2001 and 8:00-8:50 pm Center 101

      Syllabus      FINAL GRADES

INSTRUCTOR:                           Melvin Okamura

                                                      Office:  4517 Mayer Hall Extension

                                                      Office Hours:  Wed and Thu. 2-3 pm

                                                      Phone:  534-2506                                                       

TEACHING ASSISTANT:            Xiang Yang (    

                                                      Office:  Mayer Hall 2101/2106    (Physics tutor center)

                                                      Office Hrs: Wed 4-5 pm   


Quiz questions have been posted in the quiz solution page.

Final Exam - Wed June 10, 3:00 -6:00 pm WLH 2001.

There will be 20 questions multiple choice covering all the material in the course. You may bring 2 sheets of equations 8x10 two sides, calculator, scratch paper.  Bring a scantron form, and a picture ID.


There will be no quiz or lecture on Friday 5/29/09.  Quiz 8 will be on the following Friday 6/5/09.

The quiz on Friday May 22 will cover the material covered in class from Ch. 19 and 20.

In consideration of the Sun God Festival the quiz 6 on Friday has been postponed until Monday 5/18/09.   The quiz will cover Chapter 18.

Quiz 4 on Fri 5/1/09 will only cover material in Ch. 36.

The Problem Session will be held Thu evening 8:00 pm to 9:50 pm inSolis 107