University of California San Diego, Department of Physics
Spring 2009 Physics 226
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Problem Set I (posted 9 April)

Problem Set II (posted 24 April)


Henon and Heiles - Existence or Non-Existence of Third Invariant

Gunn and Girffin - King Models of Galactic Structure

Lynden-Bell and Wood - Gravothermal Catastrophe

Lynden-Bell - Violent Relaxation

Lynden-Bell - on Isolating Integrals

Lynden-Bell - on BGK solutions for f(v)

Toomre Criterion - On the Gravitational Stability of a Disk of Stars

Tremaine, Gunn Limit - Dynamical Role of Light Neutral Leptons in Cosmology

Alar Toomre - Theories of Spiral Structure

D. Lynden-Bell and A.J. Kalnaj - on spirals and energetics

D. Lynden-Bell and J.E. Pringle - on momentum transport and energetics

Alar Toomre - on spiral propagation

R.L. Dewar - Dewar on Wave Action

P.H. Diamond, C.J. McDevitt and O.D. Gurcan - Generalized Momentum Theorem for Toroidal Plasma

James W-K Mark - Spiral Wave Action

Agris J. Kalnajs - Mean Field Theory for Spirals