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Winter 2006 Physics 161 Webpage

"2-10-06: The due-date for homework assingment 3
has been postponed. Homework 3 is now due in class on Thursday, 2-16-06."

"2-15-06 Friday's section (2-17-06) has been
cancelled. Make up section will be held Wednesday 2-22-06 at a time that
is yet T.B.D."

"2-17-06: Make up section will be held Wednesday 2-22-06 in SERF 329 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm."


Announcement 1:
"3-10-06: Final presentations will be given on Wednseday, March 16, from
6:00pm to 8:30pm in Peterson Hall room 104 & Thursday, March 17, from
9:30am to 11:00am in lecture. Final papers will be due Thursday, march
17, in lecture as well."

Announcement 2:
"3-10-06: The order of presentations is listed below. Come prepared
Wednesday night to give your presentation. Any presentations that are not
finished by 8:30 pm will be given the following day in class. If you
cannot present Wednesday night, email me and I will changed the order,"

Please post the two attached files immediately after this post.

Announcement 3:
"3-10-06: The following students have turned in topics but have failed to
indicate whether they will be giving a talk or a paper: Kayvon
Pourmirzaio, Wei Ye, Billy Hatfield, Jeremy Myslinki, Colin McElroy,
Junaid Fatehi, Otani Tomokazu, Ramya Tununguntla, Catherine Wunsch, Rick
Ross, Elizabeth Wyrwich, Michael Way, Jake Streeter. It will be assumed
that these students are doing a paper unless they can contact either
myself, or professor Fuller before Tuesday night so that we can schedule
their presentation. Again, my email is"


"3-14-06: Final presentation order has been posted."

161FinalPresentations  (WORD)

161FinalPresentations (HTML)