Welcome to Physics 1C!

Instructor: Grigor Aslanyan, aslanyan@physics.ucsd.edu
Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm, MHA 4514

Teaching assistant: Paul Rozdeba, prozdeba@physics.ucsd.edu
Office hours: Monday, Thursday, 11:00am-12:00pm, MHA 2702 (physics tutorial center)

Textbook: Serway, Jewett, “Physics I” (UCSD Custom Text), volumes 1 & 2, Edition 4

Lectures: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 3:30-4:50pm, YORK 2622
Problem sessions: Tuesday, 6:00-7:50pm, CENTR 222
Holiday: Wednesday, 07/04/2012 (no lecture or office hours)
Midterm 1: Wednesday, 07/11/2012, 3:30-4:50pm, YORK 2622
Midterm 2: Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 3:30-4:50pm, YORK 2622
Final exam: Saturday, 08/04/2012, 3:00-6:00pm, YORK 2622

Important information about the course will be posted on the webpage, make sure to check back regularly!

Here is the course syllabus.

Equation sheet for final exam.

Contact the instructor if you have any questions.